Our VISION is to provide our customers, products that attach to their everyday life and to form an unbreakable bond with their past, present and future.

Our MISSION is to work closely with our suppliers to build long-term relationships built on integrity and trust and on a win-win situation that would make our vision a reality.

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“Excellence” hot sauce from U.S.A. known as the Eagle has been the leader in hot sauce for the last 50 years.  All U.A.E. locals identify the “eagle” with hot sauce.  They grew up with excellence hot sauce and potato sticks.

Malinga market leader among Arabs with a strong reputation in broad beans, tomato paste etc. This  brand has been in the U.A.E for the last 50 years.  All locals use Maling Broad Beans and Tomato paste in their everyday life.

Le Phare du Cap Bon”, Harissa is one of the most famous  brand in TunisiaHarissa is a hot paste that is used by Tunisians with their everyday meal.

Conserves Chtaura from Lebanon is one of the leading brands from Lebanon which caters to the Middle Eastern  taste.

World Recipes”, bringing the world to your plate!

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